Modern technological solutions, optimal selection of devices.

Our offer is addressed to local governments, owners of sewage treatment plants, landfills and RIPOK, meat and poultry plants, as well as to private individuals who have, for example, horse stables, large parks, etc.

Waste management

We design and provide technical and technological advice in the waste management industry, including:

  • municipal and industrial waste treatment facilities
  • treatment and management of sewage sludge and slaughterhouse waste of Category 2 and 3
  • reclamation of waste storage sites

Water and sewage management

Our company has experience in designing and carrying out works in the field of water and sewage management. We design and manufacture, among others:

  • wastewater treatment systems
  • sewerage networks
  • industrial and drinking water intake and purification

Production equipment

We manufacture pro-ecological equipment. Our main product is the Biostabilizator K-16, the others are:

  • pneumatic pumps for biogas leachate and condensate
  • perforators for PET bottles
  • shredding slaughterhouse waste (bone, etc.)
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